How does it work?

Targets – Program Outcomes

The expectation for targets for Ignite FNQ include:

  1. Digital Connectivity. The Region conveyed that connectivity (internet and telecommunications) requires prioritisation as a fundamental human right for those in the Region and be treated like other essential infrastructure (e.g. electricity, roads).

  2. Generational change. The Region seeks to create prosperity through the creation of its first generation of entrepreneurs.

  3. Advanced innovation for commerce in the Region. The 2015 Regional Queensland Start-up ecosystem report highlights the strengths and areas of improvement for FNQ as related to economic development, which will be addressed by the Program.

  4. Asset activation and delivery of greater value. The Program will initially focus on community-driven activation of underutilised spaces across rural and remote areas (e.g. libraries).

  5. Leveraging willingness to foster accelerated development of the innovation ecosystem. The Program is determined to ensure that willing communities gain access to the tools, services and expertise they require to innovate.

Guiding Principles

The following are core principles of operation determined by Ignite FNQ, which were committed to in the presence of 25 businesses/organisations willing to contribute to the outcomes of the Program.

The principles will guide all stages of ecosystem development and will also be used to help design new approaches, processes or programs.

  • Respect for all people and perspectives.

  • Inclusion of all areas and sectors.

  • Collaboration between all partners.

  • Trust in acting towards mutual objectives.

  • Abundance thinking and agile approaches.

Core and Outreach Operations

Far North Queensland is the largest, most diverse region in Queensland. This uniqueness is a key consideration for the Program delivery model. The collaborative approach aims to service the Region at two levels:

  1. From core regional locations: Cairns and Atherton

  2. Via outreach locations where communities have an established or emerging willingness to innovate.

The core locations will have a key role in the development of tools and activation of events, resources and services across the Region. Outreach locations will bring the ecosystem to life and engage key services from the core based on local needs.

Core-provided services

Will include coordination and connection to appropriate tools, events, education services, funding, sponsors, mentors and specialist expertise to strengthen both the job opportunities and rate of success for innovation across the Region.


Core locations are those regional areas that have a concentration of existing small to medium business, with the capacity and existing experience in co-ordination of events and education activities that foster innovation.

The two core locations are:

  • Cairns

  • Tablelands (Atherton)

The Process



Complete the EOI form ensuring you add as much information as you can regarding your project or event.  This will ensure we streamline the process for approval to gain our support for your idea or concept.


We will combine our efforts to scope the project or event into a Project Proposal.


We will combine to agree to a collaborative agreement outlining the project or event objectives so we can measure the results and report to the appropriate Government Departments


Commence the project or event promotion and planning.

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